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Recent Articles About JVFD Activities:

July 4, 2014, Celebration at Mountain Harbor Resort

Phil Merry hosts the July 4, 2014, Celebration at Mountain Harbor Resort

Phil Merry leads the July 4, 2014, Celebration at Mountain Harbor Resort
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Each July 4, Mountain Harbor hosts a patriotic celebration that culminates with a 4-wheeler parade around the Resort.  And, each year, the Joplin Volunteer Fire Department helps with the event.  This year, we took our Engine 2 (“Telesquirt”) to the Harbor South Ballpark and took photos of the celebration from atop the ladder.

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A large crowd celebrates July 4, 2014, at Mountain Harbor.

A large and enthusiastic crowd celebrating the birthday of the United States.
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Blessing of the Fleet – May 24, 2014

Joplin VFD’s fireboat crew participates each hear in helping Mountain Harbor Resort with their annual Blessing of the Fleet event.

This year, Rev. David Jones, in association with the Joplin Methodist Church, presided over the event, blessing each boat and its crew and praying for their safety and well being during the year.

Blessing of the Fleet, May 24, 2014

Blessing of the Fleet, May 24, 2014
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JVFD’s new Boat 3 Decked Out For Christmas

We couldn’t resist taking the new Boat 3 out for a photo shoot after its appearance in the Mount Ida Christmas Parade.  Click on the image below to view a gallery of photos taken on this moonlit night at Mountain Harbor.

Joplin Volunteer Fire Department's new Boat 3 dressed up for the Mount Ida Christmas Parade

Joplin Volunteer Fire Department’s new Boat 3 dressed up for the Mount Ida Christmas Parade

Retrieval of Grounded Houseboat – July 23 – 24, 2013

Tuesday afternoon, July 23rd, Bill Barnes was notified by radio of the grounding of one of the DreamChaser houseboats during the storm that rolled across eastern Lake Ouachita. This storm came from the northwest with severe down drafts that blue down numerous trees in the Buckville/Jessieville area, causing wide spread power outages and some structural damage. This storm blew the DreamChaser houseboat, whose stern was facing the on-coming winds, sideways up onto shore. The initial call from the DreamChaser folks was that their renters had contacted them, and that they believed that the boat was taking on water and was sideways on the bank. JVFD Fireboat Crews were put on standby.

The DreamChaser Houseboat hard aground near point 5 on Lake Ouachita.

The DreamChaser Houseboat hard aground near point 5 on Lake Ouachita.

After arriving at the boat, DreamChaser staff determined that the boat’s watertight integrity was intact, and the water in the bilge was from rain water. But, the ~70′ houseboat was hard aground. After attempting to pull her off with the DreamChaser boat, Joplin VFD was requested to tow her in the morning.

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Matt Simpson

Rest in Peace, Matt.  We're proud and thankful to have known you.

Rest in Peace, Matt. We’re proud and thankful to have known you.

Matt Simpson

A Friend – A Mentor – A Trainer – and A Brother

Matt Simpson's Funeral Procession

Matt Simpson’s Funeral Procession

Many accolades will be seen about Matt.  Here are a few:

Firefighters from across Arkansas with whom Matt had worked and trained were present at Matt’s funeral.  Matt’s casket was loaded onto a Lake Hamilton VFD truck for the procession from the funeral home to the Babtist Church where the funeral ceremony was held.  The procession consisted of fire equipment and official cars and trucks, and it stretched a long way down Central Avenue in Hot Springs.

Fire Equipment lined up for the procession.  Departments from all across the State were represented.

Fire Equipment lined up for the procession. Departments from all across the State were represented.


Septic Tank Truck Rollover Accident – Mar. 11, 2013

Joplin VFD assisted Mount Ida/South Fork VFD with an accident that involved a 1,000 gallon septic tank truck which apparently swerved to avoid a collision with an on-coming vehicle.   The truck got into some soft material on the side of the road and overturned.

The accident occurred just across from the Mt. Ida/South Fork East Station on Highway 270.  Mount Ida/South Fork were the primary responding department and requested aid from JVFD for traffic control.   JVFD responded with 3 volunteers and 2 vehicles – R-1 and U-1 – which were set up east and west of the accident as part of the traffic control effort.

There were no injuries.   The truck was right-sided with very little spillage.

Dedication to the Memorial to Helicopter 6535

A report on the dedication of the Memorial to Helicopter 6535 Air Station Mobile Friday, March 1.

Memorial to Fernando Jorge

Memorial to Fernando Jorge

The ceremony was magnificent with approximately 500 attendees from the Coast Guard, Marines, Army, and various law enforcement and SAR rescue teams.   Captain Tom Main gave the welcome.   Shannon Fortune spoke about Fernando Jorge.   The closing comments were presented by Commandant Robert Papp, Jr., of the Coast Guard.   The service concluded with a Coast Guard bag piper playing “Amazing Grace” as a flight of four H65’s passed overhead.   The memorial itself was designed by the Master Chiefs of the Station and encompasses previous memorial for Helicopter 1427 which crashed in October of 1981, as well as C.G. 6535 that crashed on 28 Feb. 2012.   The memorial is an appropriate tribute to the lives of those crews.   It stands proudly with serenity as a testament of their courage and their sacrifice.

Attached are a few pictures.   One showing the memorial with Honor Guard prior to the dedication; a couple showing the crowd at the event; one showing the motorcycle Honor Guard that rode from 3 different states to stand with respect during the ceremony; a picture of Shannon Fortune speaking about Fernando; a picture of the Commandant of the Coast Guard and of the piper closing the ceremony with the flight of H65’s; then a couple of pictures of the memorial; and Shannon and Fernando’s family.


It was an honor to be there.   I will miss Fernando always.